Name: Scott Weiland
was born Scott Kent: parents divorced when he was 2 years old.

October 27, 1967

Spouse- Mary Forsberg-  May 2000 (1 Child- Noah Mercer Weiland : November 19, 2000

  - Grew up in Chagrin Falls, Ohio with his mother, a real estate agent,  and step-father.
  - Spent summers with his father in California.
  - Step-brother ((who was 9 months younger than him) was hit by a car and killed when Scott was 10.
  - Had an imaginary friend named Poogus when he was 11.
  - Moved to Orange County in CA when he was 14 with his mom and step-dad
  - He was carried out of music class on a stretcher when he was 16.
  - Started a band called Awkward Positions (later called Swing) with his friend Corey
  - Dropped out of Orange County College
  - Met Robert DeLeo at a Black Flag concert.