This is the intro part.  I just used the basics, he is strumming but I just
wrote down the accents.  That Bsus4 might be called something else but just
for the sake of calling it something I called it Bsus4. ---> 
    C             Bsus4     E       ^  EsusG   C      ^    Bsus4    E(hold)
This is the verse.  Just keep repeating this until you get to the end of the
verse where he just stays on E.  In all of these E chords he adds G(1st string
3rd fret) on the off beats...listen for it.  
    E    E    C   Bsus4   E    E      C    Bsus4
This is the next part, whatever you want to call it...bridge I guess.  The last
two bars are not just C and D chords.  The C is fingered differently.  Use your 
fourth finger for the C, your third finger for the E and your second finger for
the high C.  To go up to the D from there just slide your hand up two frets and
bar the second fret.  I realize it would be just as easy to play a normal first
position C with a first position D but this sounds better.
     G           Am         E          G           Am       E
    G           Am         C       D
This, finally, is the chorus.  This is what I got out of it anyway.  The chords
are simple so I'll write the lead.  Now, I might have made a mistake in this
part, If so please message me and tell me so I can fix it.  Keep playing the
first two bars until the last part of the chorus.  The only difference is the 
last three notes.  
                                         end part -->